Teen Spark

Group Tutoring for 6th-12th
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Our Learning Studio is open every Friday from 1pm – 5pm to students in grades 6-12

Drop-in Hourly: $15
Drop-in Full Day (4 Hours):$55
Monthly pre-paid: $200
Full Semester: $600

Teen Spark

Our Teen Spark program is designed as a group tutoring session where students can bring in work from home on which they need assistance or time to complete an assignment.  


Guest Speakers

Ocasionally, guest speakers in different areas of expertise will be invited to present for our Middle and High School students.

Math & Science

Students working on similar assignments may be paired up to complete labs or projects

Public Speaking

Oral reports and presentations may be done in class on Fridays with advanced notice.

Art & Design

The first half hour each Friday is dedicated to improving our students’ drawing skills. We believe drawing is a vital skill for students of any age.   

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