Enrichment Class



At Spark, we believe that play is how children learn best.  Our mixed-age enrichment class incorporates creative writing, art, music and life-skills into each lesson. All are taught in a fun and engaging atmosphere. Children work as one large group, in smaller groups or individually to create projects or performances that go along with the lesson for the day.

Each six-week sessions is $250 per student. Grades K-5th

Enrichment Class Schedule – 2018/2019 School Year

August 27th-October 5th

Geography, Simple MachinesWriters-Workshop, Makers Space

October 22nd – December 7th

American Sign Language, Rocks and Minerals, Theater Arts, Life Skills

January 7th – February 15th 2019

Music Theory, Science Fair, Math Marvels, Drawing

March 4th –  April 12th 2019

Seasons/Earth Systems, Writer's Workshop, Makers Space

April 29th –  June 7th 2019

Spanish, Math, Health/Human Body, Life Skills

The Science component is part of each session and is designed to meet the California state standards for grades K-5th. Student’s science work samples are sent home weekly, and a portfolio of their work is available at the end of each six-week session.

Enrichment Classes are held once a week from 9:30am to 3:00pm, rain or shine.  Additional information on our upcoming session is available on our calendar page.

Ready to sign up? You can reserve a spot now and see how much you too can learn through play!