Miss Moddy’s Buddies – Episode #002

It’s Summer!  Miss Moddy and Alexa are hanging out at the Spark learning studio working on a project to stay cool during the warm summer months.

They talk about the Bower bird and learn how decorations help this little Critter Buddy find a mate.   


Shark Week! – special episode

Hi Buddies! This week is Shark Week, so here’s a special episode all about Hammerhead Sharks.
To learn more about these cool critter buddies, you can visit National Geographics for Kids (With your parents’ permission, of course) or visit your local library and ask a librarian to show you where you can find books about sharks.

You can also check out Easy Peasy and Fun‘s blog to make your own shark puppet. Use it to teach friends and family everything you’re learning about sharks!


Happy Shark Week!


Hammerhead shark image by PhantomMiss

Miss Moddy’s Buddies

Episode #001- The Pilot Podcast!

It’s the end of the school year! Miss Moddy and Alexa come up with plans for the summer and learn about how a family of beavers works together.  This inspires them to work together on a fun project you can make at home too!


How to build a HUGE Slip N Slide. Fun for ALL AGES!


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