What is Sacramento Spark?

A great way to supplement your homeschool education!

Sacramento Spark was conceived as a support system for homeschooling families. Through our Enrichment Class, Spark introduces students to foreign languages, music theory and art as these are woven into each lesson. This one-day-a-week, mixed-age class is meant to enhance the Science component of your homeschool curriculum.  It has been designed to meet the California State Science Standards for 1st-5th grades.

Through our Study hall, students in 6th – 12th grades can get additional help with their school work and learn study techniques and organizational skills while adding a social element to their day.

The Spark learning studio is the place where social skills such as team work and cooperation are used and developed. Sacramento Spark  is a homeschool enrichment program where fun and friendships happen.


 Spark is a vendor for local Charter Schools:

Visions, Horizon, South Sutter, CORE, and Inspire.

Independent Homeschool students welcome.

Sacramento Spark is not a private or charter school.  Students must be enrolled in a school (either independent or charter).

Marisol Himmel (Known to her students as “Miss Moddy”) has been working with children of all ages since 2004.  She speaks Spanish, French and Sign Language (in addition to English). As an Afterschool Program Director in both public and private schools, she has taught Spanish, computer, cooking, history, math, music-theory, and art classes.  In her spare time, Marisol is a puppet builder and puppeteer.

Alexa.jpgAlexa:  A precocious six-year-old, Alexa enjoys playing outside and making up games. Though she hasn’t quite mastered her inside voice and often has to be reminded to put things away, Alexa models classroom behavior for her classmates, sometimes demonstrating what not to do, but overall showing that it’s ok to make mistakes so long as you’re willing to learn from them and improve. She is one of Moddy’s Puppets and a fun addition to our group

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