Our day started off with the kiddos introducing themselves in Sign Language! They learned to sign “Hi, my name is _______” and to finger-spell their names. This was review for some, but it’s great to see them using what they know and pairing it with last week’s phrase: “I’m learning sign language”.

Our exploration of Puppetry Arts continued this week with shadow puppets. After watching a shadow puppet performance of “The Three Little Pigs”,   the kids got to make their own shadow puppets and create stories and plays in three separate “theaters” set around the room.  I have to admit, I wish I had scheduled more time for this activity since it took on a life of it’s own (in a good way) as the kids used some of their lunch break and recesses to make new cut outs and create more shows. It’s such a simple activity, who would’ve thought it would be such a big hit?

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Our little homeschoolers continued our Human Body Science curriculum this week with the help of our Curiscope Virtuali- Tee!  The augmented reality app pairs with the tee-shirt so kids can learn about the human body on a human body.  This is a great learning tool for our little ones since they can actually interact with the “organs” as they are getting instruction. guts.jpg

After preparing for an imaginary journey into the digestive system (oxygen tanks and full rubber suits so the stomach acid wouldn’t digest us) our travels took us into the esophagus, stomach, small and large intestines. Huge thanks to our friends at Curiscope for this outstanding resource!

IMG_2619Paired with our pretend trip into the tummy was the educational crafts from our time to learn. The kids designed the outer layer to either look just like them or an imaginary character then rolled the finished drawing into a cylinder and taped or stapled it together so it could stand on its own.  The inner layers were colored in, rolled up and nested inside the original drawing of themselves, giving them a hands- on review of how our body systems fit together.

I love pairing an art project with our science lessons. Not only does this work the kids’ fine motor skills, and help with handwriting and spatial awareness, coloring has also been found to lower stress, reduce anxiety, help with concentration, boost mental clarity, and can even help with falling asleep at night when used as a bedtime ritual.  And that’s for kids AND adults alike!


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