CalendarSummer Six-week Session!

May 1st – June 8th 2018

Ages 4-11

Our introduction to foreign languages continues with Spanish! We will dance out our vowel sounds and learn key Spanish phrases. We may even have a taco party as the school year comes to an end (wink, wink).

Math is everywhere, we just don’t always see it, so in this unit we will be pointing out all the awesome ways math is hidden in nature and art! No text books required in this class, we play games and sing songs to reinforce math concepts. Math can be fun!

Our summer Science  unit will go really well with our final unit of the year: Gardening!  We will be growing our own pizza toppings and learning about water conservation and eco-friendly ways to grow food organically.  Wrap up your school year with us as we plant a garden and watch it grow!

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Maren Conrad’s Art Star Summer Camp:

Ages 4-14

Established by Sacramento Artist, Maren Conrad, Our Summer art camp is a fun filled week of art exploration and play!

Puppet-palooza! – June 18th – 21st

Pencil Power! – June 25th-28th

Bug Week! – July 2nd – 5th

Atomic Comics! – July 16th – 19th

Clay Hooray! – August 13th – 16th


Teen Study Hall

Ages 12-17

Fridays from 1pm – 5pm


2018/2019 School Year Enrichment Class Schedule

August 27th-October 5th

October 22nd – December 7th

January 7th – February 15th 2019

March 4th –  April 12th 2019

April 29th –  June 7th 2019


Looking forward to a great year of learning!