You’re reading this blog post, which means you too have found squeeze-pouch caps between couch cushions, under beds, in random drawers and when vacuuming your car. You likely have container full of colorful squeeze-pouch caps that are ready for an up-cycle.

Level up those caps with this easy caterpillar project!

Materials: IMG_0006

6 Squeeze-pouch caps (one red, five green)

1 Pipe cleaner/ Chenille stick

googly eyes (optional)

Hot glue gun (to attach googly eyes)



Step One: IMG_9303

Fold the ends of the chenille stick




Step 2:

Starting from the bottom of your caterpillar, thread the chenille stick through the 5 green squeeze-pouch caps, saving the red squeeze-pouch cap for last.


Step 3:

Leave about an inch and a half of the chenille stick poking out of the red squeeze-pouch cap and go back to the bottom of your caterpillar. (This part is tricky for little hands) Bend your chenille stick so that the other end goes through the bottom of your caterpillar and thread this end up through all the squeeze-pouch caps.



Step 4: 

You should have two “antennae” coming out of the red squeeze-pouch cap. Twist them together to hold all your squeeze-pouch caps together.

At this point your caterpillar is done!


You can use hot glue to add googly-eyes and “legs” to your caterpillar.


You can also just draw eyes on your squeeze-pouch cap caterpillar with permanent marker, or you can leave your caterpillar as is and jump right into reading “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” with your little one.


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