Watch our watermelon burst


This week in Spark we shook things up and went out with a bang!


Ms. Jen took the lead in our Writer’s Workshop and introduced the kids to parts of speech focusing on Nouns with a game of “Bring me a ____”.

Then she taught the kids how to swap out tired boring words with “Juicy” synonyms, adding to our little’s vocabulary and strengthening our older boys’ writing ability.  The kids worked together to come up with new words for “happy” and “sad” to add to our list of Juicy Words.espanol


In Spanish class we reviewed our Spanish vowel sounds.  The kids then chose a Spanish name for themselves and we practiced simple introductions.  “Hola! Soy Marisol!” We also practiced conversation starters, asking “Como esta” and answering with “Bien”, “Mal” or “Mas o menos”.

img_0191Then came the moment we were all excited for!

We made predictions as to how many rubber bands it would take until the watermelon exploded, then headed outside to begin the experiment!




We all took turns adding rubber bands and 232 rubber-bands later- Kapowee!


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