Our first day of SPARK was so much fun! We started the day establishing our working “Agreements” and discussed how these are different from rules. Rules are what not to do, Agreements we all agree to do. The kids decided we needed to Share, Be Kind, Help Out, Respect others and their things, and Have Fun.  agreesign

We silly-signed the agreements and even the parents joined in the fun! The kids got a kick out of that.  Some “partner-signed” while others chose to “Chicken wing” sign by putting a marker in the crook of their elbow.  The results were a bit scribbly, but still legible. And there’s no way they’ll forget that they signed!

After addressing some logistics (showing everyone where the bathroom is, where to put their lunch boxes etc.) we moved into the Spanish portion of our day with a simple greeting song “Buenos dias amigos”.

We introduced the Spanish vowel sounds. Using whole body learning, the kids stood up and belly laughed a “Ha-Ha-Ha” for the sound of an A.  The E made a “Heh-heh” laugh with limbs out in front but it quickly turned into a dab dance. Shy-giggle “I” with a hee-hee-hee, and Jolly old O with Ho-ho-ho. U didn’t laugh but was impressed by our jump rope skills instead. “oooooh!” Does a U look like a jump rope to you?

For our Writers Workshop, we made use of story starters. We took turns adding on to the story for thirty seconds each. Then the kids were split into three groups and another story starter was read. Teams had to reach a unanimous agreement on the path their story would take and work together to create a poster, which they then presented and explained. We have quite a creative crew!


After lunch we read a couple of chapters of Sideways Stories from Wayside School by Louis Sachar, and then jumped into the science portion of our day by welcoming everybody to earth.


We discussed the difference between rotation and revolution and showed our comprehension by spinning in place for rotation and walking around the room for revolution. Then we made notes in our science notebooks and watched a short clip of Bill Nye the Science guy explaining how the earth’s tilt is the reason for the seasons.

fatags     Some silent reading time, then on to the Life Skills portion of the day where we discussed basic first aid. We went over the proper way to put a band aid on someone else. The kids practiced by putting them on Alexa’s “boo-boos”. At the end of our lesson, the kids were quizzed on how to handle emergency situations and they each earned their very first Brag Tag!

What a fun group of kids we have! Manners, cooperation, eagerness to learn… We are so impressed with this bunch, and can’t wait to see what they will accomplish together in the weeks to come!




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