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Homeschool Enrichment


A great way to supplement your homeschool education!

Sacramento Spark  is a homeschool enrichment program where fun and friendships happen.  Our learning studio is the place where social skills such as team work, cooperation, and leadership are used and developed.

Now Enrolling for Spring Semester 2021

Our Environment

Through our Enrichment Class, Spark introduces students to foreign languages, music theory and art as these are woven into each lesson. This one-day-a-week, mixed-age class is meant to enhance the Science component of your homeschool curriculum.  It has been designed to meet the California State Science Standards for 1st-5th grades.

Through our Group tutoring, students in 6th – 12th grades can get additional help with their school work and learn study techniques and organizational skills while adding a social element to their day.

Our classes are currently being taught Via Zoom.  Please contact for more information.

Located in: Sacramento, CA

Telephone: (916) 827-1118


Class Hours: M-TH: 9:00am – 3:00pm,  F: 1pm-5pm


Learn By Doing

We believe hands-on is the best way to learn!

Sacramento Spark is a vendor for local Charter Schools:

  • Visions
  • Horizon
  • South Sutter
  • Inspire.

Independent Homeschool students welcome.


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Spark’s Mission & Vision

Sacramento Spark was created to support homeschooling families. Our mission is to provide students with skill-building opportunities that are engaging and fun, while giving parents a day to plan, prepare and enjoy their homeschooling experience.

A Word

From Our Program Director

“Thank you so much for your interest in our program.  The care and safety of your child is our number one concern.  No less important is the emotional safety they feel in the relationships they form with their instructors and fellow classmates.  By creating a positive, inclusive, supportive community within our learning studio, our goal is for your child to create beautiful memories and lasting frienships”

– Marisol Himmel


Our Upcoming Six-Week Sessions Events & Activities


Six-week Session

August 31st- October 12th

  • American Sign Language
  • Science- Earth’s Systems
  • Creative Writing


Six-week Session

November 2nd -December 18th

  • French
  • Physics – Forces and interactions
  • Poetry


Six-week Session

January 4th – February 12th

  • American Sign Language
  • Science- Energy
  • Story Telling


Six-week Session

March 1st – April 16th

  • Spanish
  • Science- Ecosystems
  • Informative writing


Six-week Session

April 26th – May 4th

  • Foreign Language
  • Science
  • Writing

Week-long Summer Camp

Puppetry Camp

Summer 2021

  • June 7-11: Character Design and Hand Puppet Building
  • June 21-25: Lip Sync and Puppet Manipulation
  • July 5- 9: Ventriloquism
  • July 19 – 23: Writing for Puppetry
  • August 2- 6: Storyboarding for Puppet Show
  • August 16-20: Staging a Puppet Production
Our Classroom

Sacramento Spark Learning Studio

Spark began as a homeschool co-op with a very small group of kids meeting once a week in a garage.  The following school year a larger group was meeting in a community center in the heart of old Fair Oaks. We are so excited to be starting our third school year in our own learning space. 

Get In Touch

Location: Sacramento, California

Telephone: (916) 827-1118


School Hours: M-TH: 9am – 3pm; F: 1PM-5PM

Parent Volunteers

Parents are welcome to observe our class in action at any time.  Please see the Program Director If you would like to become a regular volunteer

Sack Lunch Policy

Students must bring a sack lunch that does not  include peanuts or peanut products.  Thank you for helping us keep our children safe.

Academic Standards

 Though the science component of our enrichment class is prepared following the New Generation Science Standards for the state of California, Spark is designed to supplement, not substitute your homeschool curriculum

Supplementary Activities

Check here for additional projects and activities such as:

-Squeeze-Pouch Cap Caterpillar

Technology In the Classroom
  • Sacramento Spark recognizes the wide range of mobile technology devices and their value as learning tools. However, in an effort to create an environment that is conducive to genuine interpersonal communication, no screens are available in our learning studio.  Students may bring an electronic device with parent’s permission, but their use will be limited.



News & Announcements


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Weeks per session

Sessions per School Year

Sacramento Spark is not a private or charter school.  Students must be enrolled in a school (either independent or charter).